Atlantic Electoral Region

The Atlantic region comprises New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador. The Atlantic Region will acclaim Karen Bassett as its sole Council candidate for the 2018-2021 term. An election will therefore not take place in the Atlantic region.

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    Karen Bassett (Acclaimed)

    Karen Bassett (Acclaimed)

    Karen Bassett (Acclaimed)

    My name is Karen Bassett, and I am the current Equity Councillor for the Atlantic region.

    I am an Atlantic Canadian, who lives in Halifax. As an Equity member, I have worked as a performer and fight director. I am also a playwright and theatre teacher.

    I was involved with the Not In OUR Space! campaign, and I am particularly proud this term to have contributed to a restorative approach within Equity’s disciplinary policies for the first time.

    My favorite thing is to speak to members one on one. Due to the distance in my region, it’s not always possible in person, but I will pick up the phone and call to see what drives you and what drives you crazy. Both are so important.

    I am always impressed with the tenacity of the East Coast. We often have to fight for every little piece of work that we get, but what is so unique is that we do it while putting each other first. I am proud of the people here and their artistry. This is why I want to volunteer again to represent you.

    With gratitude for all that is Equity and the Atlantic Coast,