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Equity Updates its COVID-19 Workplace Guidelines & Protocols
The health and safety of Equity members continues to be a paramount priority of Equity. As such, we have updated our COVID-19 Workplace Guidelines & Protocols (version 2) to reflect changes to our work landscape in Canada.

The Guidelines & Protocols are in effect as of today, replacing version 1.

Workplace health and safety falls under provincial jurisdiction, resulting in discrepancies in regulations and requirements between various provinces; therefore, Equity’s Workplace Guidelines & Protocols should be read alongside the most current provincial guidelines where you are working. Also, provincial guidelines are frequently changing, so engagers and members are required to monitor changes to their local guidelines and to adhere to requirements for the locale they are working within.

This update of our COVID-19 Workplace Guidelines & Protocols is timed alongside an upcoming update to the COVID-19 Addendum to the CTA which will be published shortly. Executive Director Arden R. Ryshpan says:

The Professional Association of Canadian Theatres and Equity have reviewed the COVID-19 Addendum to the CTA and will be making some minor modifications in the document in the coming days. A new version will be released as soon as possible. We encourage all engagers to advise members as early as possible if their productions will require enhanced safety requirements including vaccinations and engagers are required to provide Equity with the most recent version of their protocols prior to engaging our members. As the pandemic conditions change and each province reviews its requirements, we encourage all engagers to continue to maintain the highest level of health and safety protocols, in order to protect our members, other workers in the theatres and audiences alike.

The updated COVID-19 Workplace Guidelines & Protocols (version 2) can be found here.

When in doubt or with a question about the workplace application of these protocols, email an Equity Business Representative at busrep@caea.com.
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