Wednesday, December 13, 2017
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Honours Award Reception - Save the Date!
Equity members are cordially invited to join colleagues and friends and congratulate recipients of this year's Honours Awards on MOnday, February 26, 2018.
The Stage West Emerging Artist Award is Back!
Equity is excited to announce the return of the Stage West Emerging Artist Award. Stage West has generously committed a $2,500 award to an Equity member who will be selected by the Equity Honours Committee.
Not in OUR Space!
Not in OUR Space! is a multi-faceted and comprehensive anti-harassment campaign developed by Equity.

Equity's national Council is actively listening to members' concerns about bullying, discrimination, and personal and sexual harassment. [Read the full statement here]

Councillors and Equity members recently came together to share safe workspace ideas.

Executive Director Arden R. Rysphpan released a statement regarding respectful workspaces, and Equity's Not in OUR Space! campaign.[Read the full statement here]

Canadian creative industry gathered to collaborate on an industry-wide response to sexual harassment, discrimination, bullying, and violence.[Read the full statement here]

If you are experiencing unwelcome or harassing behaviour and need to contact a Respectful Workplace Advisor...
The Equity Census Final Report Released
The final report on The Equity Census is now available. A Census Executive Summary is also available to read or download.
New Council President and Secretary-Treasurer
At its meeting of October 29, 2017, Secretary-Treasurer Scott Bellis (Councillor for BC & the Yukon) was appointed Council President and Diane Speirs (Councillor for Western Opera) was appointed to the vacant position of Secretary-Treasurer.
Pay Your Basic Membership Dues Online
Equity basic membership dues of $90.00 were invoiced on May 1, 2017. Payment of basic dues can be made by logging in to EQUITYONLINE to make an online dues payment.

Equity Attends FIA Executive Meeting in Croatia
Executive Director Arden R. Ryshpan and First Vice-President Stephen Erickson are representing Equity at the 2017 FIA (International Federation of Actors) Executive Meeting. Arden's report to the FIA North America working group (including other visiting English language affiliates) is now posted here.
Creative Canada Policy Framework
Titled Creative Canada, this strategy provides a new vision and approach to creative industries and to growing the creative economy by the Government of Canada. It has received mixed reviews.
Introducing The OPEN
This new short duration and multi-engagement dance policy, is now available for use by Equity members. It is designed to support the engagement of dance artists working in a diverse range of practices for short-duration performances and activities. The OPEN offers flexibility, rehearsal, break and performance day limits and other artist protections.
Equity has also launched a Dancer Rights Awareness Campaign including a new website dedicated to dance engagements, a new policy for the engagement of independent dancers including urban and commercial dancers, and revised membership requirements
Summer 2017 EQ Online
Not In OUR Space! Live performance artists work in shared spaces where their actions affect those around them. EQ explores what happens when inappropriate or damaging behaviour occurs on stages and in rehearsal areas. Dance Equity Campaign to Launch to Launch Summer 2017 - Read how Equity is reaching out to independent dancers to ensure they are protected and compensated fairly.

Chubb Insurance Now Accepts Claims by Email
british columbia Equity is pleased to announce a new member service intended to speed up insurance claim response times. Beginning April 21, Equity's insurance provider will accept member claim submissions by email.

Council Connection Blog
Council Connection is an ongoing journal of the doings and decisions of the board of the Canadian Actors' Equity Association.

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