Wednesday, August 15, 2018
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Equity's 40th Anniversary | 1976-2016
Equity's 40th Anniversary | 1976-2016
New Equity logo launch: Attendees at this year's Equity Honours Award Celebration got a sneak peek at the new Equity logo which commemorates Equity's 40th Anniversary.

To recognize those members who have been with us since the amicable separation from Actors' Equity Association, a limited edition commemorative pin was presented to all 40-year Equity members at the event.

"We are very energized about our new look and we hope you join us in our excitement," -Arden R. Ryshpan, Executive Director.

A modernized look: As of April 1, this year marks 40 years of Canadian Actors' Equity Association, and 60 years that Equity has existed in Canada. This anniversary presents a fantastic opportunity in which to mark our Canadian heritage while also modernizing our look.

Equity's updated and re-designed new logo celebrates our 40th ruby anniversary, a milestone deserving of special recognition. The clean, strong lines of the new logo, emphasize the word "Equity", a fundamental principle of fairness under which we stand on many fronts. The deep ruby red colour was chosen in honour of our anniversary and the maple leaf symbolizes our proud Canadian heritage, and helps distinguish us from our many international colleagues who are also named "Equity".

What will change? You will begin to see the new logo on EQUITYONLINE, your next Equity member card (May 1), and correspondence and contracts beginning in April.

Features and events: We will have a special commemorative edition of EQ Magazine in summer 2016, as well as an Equity interview section in The Theatre Museum's Living Legends library, and updating our Silver Anniversary photo exhibit, honouring great dance, opera and theatre productions in the last 15 years.

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