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e-drive Guidelines

e-drive Guidelines (updated March 2018)
e-drive is Equity's electronic subscription mailing list for auditions, job opportunities, call for submissions, workshops and ticket digest announcements. EQUIFLASH is the Association's electronic news bulletin service. This electronic mailing list is a member service specifically geared to Equity members' benefit. Non-members are free to subscribe but information, auditions and postings are geared to servicing Equity members and toward productions that offer Equity contracts.

Posting Notices
Adherence to the e-drive guidelines is an integral part of the mailing list's effectiveness. The following criteria apply when subscribing or posting to e-drive.
• All postings are at the discretion of Equity.
• Postings must be directed through Equity's website ( using the online e-drive submission form.
• Email attachments are not accepted.
• Fax notices are not accepted.
• Notices may require up to two weeks for approval, but every effort is made to publish e-drive notices as fast as possible. Our average turn-around time is three business days. Time permitting, Equity will endeavour to contact an individual or engager if there is a question about an audition or work opportunity notice.
e-drive is a moderated list. All messages are reviewed prior to posting and are subject to editing and rejection at the discretion of Equity's communications and business representative department. Postings may be rejected at Equity's sole discretion.
• Descriptive profanity may be editied/deleted at Equity's sole discretion.
• The most likely reasons for rejection of a notice are because the activity does not provide an opportunity for an Equity contract or because a notice does not meet the required criteria (see below).
• Messages cannot be posted directly to the e-drive list, and replies to the list are not answered. Comments, suggestions and enquires may be directed to the communications department.
• The "additional information" section of an email posting is limited to 200 words, and the "required fields" must be completed in full.
• Postings for jobs outside of Canada (excluding bona fide tours under Equity (Canada) or Actors' Equity Association (U.S.) are not accepted for posting.
• An individual, member or engager may submit a notice by filling out the "online submission form" on Equity's website. Due to the listserv format, any updates or corrections to published notices cannot be made. It is important that applicants fully complete the e-drive submission form (e.g. required fields, type of posting) prior to sending in a request. Incomplete information or a notice period of less than one week will result in the rejection of an e-drive post request.

Eligible e-drive notices:
The following postings are accepted, subject to the criteria listed below:
• Auditions (for Equity members or for Equity contracts)
• Stage Management opportunities
• Call for submissions
• Job opportunities in live performance
• Actors' Fund benefits
• PAL benefits
• Grant or award notices
• Ticket discount digest (20% Equity member discount required)
• Workshop digest (20% Equity member discount required)

Audition Notices
• Audition notices will only be distributed if the notice is calling for Equity members or for contracts under an Equity agreement. Amateur production audition notices are not distributed.
• All audition notices are subject to an internal approval process. Engagers must have an existing contractual relationship with Equity in order for audition notices to be posted. New engagers must contact a Business Representative prior to submitting an audition notice.
• Equity reserves the right to edit an audition e-drive for length and language deemed unacceptable.
• Direct references to ethnicity, age and body type may be edited at Equity's sole discretion. However, engagers are encouraged to include an ethno-cultural mandate or ethno-cultural casting statement in their e-drive submission.

Call for Submission and Job Opportunities
e-drive notices specifying specific Stage Management, Director, Choreographer or Fight Director engagements are listed as "job opportunities."
• Any other job opportunity must be theatre related (e.g. instructor positions, theatre administration positions).
• Notices regarding teaching opportunities at non-post secondary institutions will only be distributed if the management is a signator to a fully professional agreement existing with Equity. Job opportunities at children's drama schools and camps are not posted.

Workshop Digest
• The weekly workshop digest lists workshop activity notices received prior to Thursday of that same week. Members or organizations that repeatedly post monthly registration for workshop activities must provide a website address specifying detailed information on the activity and a condensed version of the e-drive will only be distributed after the initial posting.
• Workshops must be specific to the disciplines represented by Equity and must be geared to professional development in live performance, as determined at Equity's sole discretion.
• Casting workshops that are deemed to be auditions will not be posted, as determined at Equity's sole discretion.
• Casting/audition workshops are restricted to professional development activities geared toward opportunities in Canada, as determined at Equity's sole discretion.
• A minimum 20% discount offer for Equity members is a strict requirement. The notice must specifically list prices before and after the required discount.
e-drive is a free information service to Equity members, and not an advertising forum. Long course descriptions and instructor bios contribute to an unmanageable weekly workshop digest. If additional workshop description is required, include a website link.
• Workshop notices must be 75 words or less.

Discount Ticket Digest
• In order to limit the number of emails sent out by Equity and not to fill Equity members' mailboxes, a weekly discount ticket digest notice is only sent out each Friday. All discount ticket postings are compiled into a single email that is divided regionally (west to east). The digest lists discount ticket notices received prior to Thursday of that same week.
• Ticket offers for non-union productions will not be distributed.
• A minimum 20% discount offer for Equity members is a strict requirement. The notice must show prices before and after discount. PWYC notices will not be posted.
• Discount ticket notices must be 75 words or less.

All items in this category are posted at the discretion of the communications department.
• Items of interest to the community including reunion celebrations at theatres, awards/nomination announcements and information related to specific arts communities in Canada.
• News bulletins of interest to the Equity membership.
• Fundraiser notices are posted for Actors' Fund of Canada and Performing Arts Lodge activities. An engager must have an existing contractual relationship with Equity.
• Festival Policy and Artists' Collective Policy audition notices and calls for submission must include an Equity or ACTRA member in good standing as the main contact person in the posting or the posting will not be released. If the main point of contact is an ACTRA member, a copy of their ACTRA member card must be emailed to, referencing the posting to which it applies.
• Volunteer opportunities are not distributed as e-drive is primarily a work opportunity vehicle for Equity members.
• Memorial services for Equity Members must include day/place/time of service. The communications department staff will make every effort to ensure the immediate distribution of memorial notice postings. Death notifications are not distributed
via e-drive.

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