Friday, September 21, 2018
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General Information
e-drive is Equity's electronic subscription mailing list for auditions, job opportunities, call for submissions, workshops and ticket digest announcements. EQUIFLASH is the Association's electronic news bulletin service. This electronic mailing list is a member service specifically geared to Equity member benefits and Equity contract opportunities. Non-members are free to subscribe but information and postings service Equity members and toward productions offering Equity contracts.

e-drive questions may be sent to Equity's communications department or by phone at 416-867-9165.

To post an e-drive notice
All e-drive notices are reviewed prior to posting, and are subject to editing and rejection at the discretion of Equity's communications and business rep departments. Postings may be declined at Equity's sole discretion. If you would like to post a message simply fill out our online submission form. An online submission form for general auditions under the CTA and ITA is also available. Please review Equity's e-drive Guidelines for further information on posting criteria.

To subscribe to e-drive
Simply enrol. Please keep note of your email address and password. New e-drive subscribers are urged to save the following email address into your contacts list:
Please note: Hotmail regularly deletes mass delivery emails such as those sent from e-drive. We strongly recommend that e-drive subscribers use another email service in order to ensure prompt and consistent delivery.

To un-subscribe
Subscribers may remove themselves from the mailing list by following the "Easy Unsubscibe" instructions. Once you have unsubscribed, you may re-subscribe with your new address at this link.

e-drive is an electronic mailing list for Equity members. Non-members are free to subscribe but postings are geared to Equity members. The e-drive Guidelines identifies what criteria applies to all e-drive notices.

Information about e-drive subscribers is not shared in any way.

Most email clients allow for filtering to automatically send email to the trash or a specific folder. In Outlook Express for example, you might select "Tools," "Message Rules" and "Mail" to access your filtering rules and set up new rules. Follow the steps outlined in your email client's help menu to set up your filters.
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