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2015 Equity Census | Staging the Future
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Staging the Future

The Equity Census is a ground-breaking demographic survey designed to better understand and serve all Equity members. It will examine the diverse composition of Equity's membership specifically focusing on diversity of age, culture and ethnicity, diverse ability, and gender and sexual identity.


The Equity Census | Everyone Counts...The Sequel! from Equity Communications on Vimeo.

The Equity Census | Everyone Counts! from Equity Communications on Vimeo.

Taking Leadership on Diversity

The survey seeks to identify potential barriers to employment within the Association's jurisdiction. Data gathered will be a powerful tool in collective bargaining for equitable representation of diversity onstage and in related hiring.


The survey is confidential and conducted by R.A. Malatest and Associates, Ltd. - a leading Canadian market research firm. At the conclusion of survey questions, Equity members will be given the option of providing their member number so that Equity will be able to also document how diversity impacts work opportunities and income-earned. Individual survey results are subject to strict privacy protocols and will remain confidential. Only survey results representing overall totals will be made available.

Take Action | Tell Us About Yourself

Your input is essesntial to the success of The Equity Census. Findings from The Equity Census will strengthen Equity's advocacy efforts and inform recommendations for social and legislative change.

Important Updates
The Equity Census is Open!
Members in good standing will receive emails with unique survey invitation links between April 24 and April 29. If you haven't received an email survey invite please call Equity at 1-800-387-9165 (or 416-867-9165 in Toronto) as soon as possible.

What You Need to Know
If you have questions about The Equity Census, read the FAQ page here.

Equity Census Featured in EQ Magazine | Spring 2015
Read about the Equity Census and how it will help Equity analyze how diversity impacts members' work opportunities and income - and learn why your colleagues are going to self-identify and provide their member number.


Join the discussion!
Join the discussion on Equity's Facebook Page. Council will moderate discussions when possible.

Are you in Good Standing?
Check your member status and contact information in the Members Only zone of EQUITYONLINE. The last day to be in good standing to participate in The Equity Census is May 14. The Equity Census closes on May 22.

April 24-28: Survey invites sent via email
May 14: Last day to be in good standing to take the survey
May 22: Survey ends
June 22: Results of the Equity Census presented to Equity Council
July: EQ Magazine Equity Census Feature
Important Links:
Equity Census FAQ page
Privacy Policy - R.A. Malatest and Associates, Ltd.
Equity's Personal Information Policy
Survey technical support: contact Jordan Lamb, Survey Programmer
at or 416-644-0161 (toll free: 1-800-598-0161)
Questions and Comments: contact us
Are you in good standing? Contact membership regarding dues payments
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