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2015 Council Elections
Council Elections


The Equity membership has elected new Councillor representatives for the 2015-2018 Council term. The newly elected Councillors will take office at the first meeting of Equity's incoming Council, November 29 to December 1, 2015 in Toronto. For election results, please click here.

Council Focus Survey (Closed as of 12:00 a.m. November 9, 2015)
Council Focus
Do you have any community, regional, national or specific discipline issues that you would like Council to explore? We'd like to know, and it won't take more than a few minutes of your time.

Council Election FAQ (Click on question for answer)
  • Which regions are having elections?
    • Elections will be held in Stage Management, BC and the Yukon, Nothern AB and NWT, Saskatchewan, Quebec, Eastern ON and Outaouais, Western Opera and Eastern Opera. In all other regions (Southern AB, MB and Nunavut, Ontario, Dance, and Atlantic), the number of candidates is insufficient to require an election, and the candidates will be acclaimed.
  • Who can vote?
    • Regular, Regular - Extended Visa, and Life members of Equity in good standing by the enumeration deadline (October 23, 2015) are eligible to vote in Equity's Council elections for the 2015-18 term.
  • How do I vote?
    • Voter instruction kits will be mailed on October 1 to all Equity members currently eligible to vote. Voting for the 2015-18 Council term will be by telephone and internet only. Voting opens Wednesday, October 7 and closes on Friday, October 30. Only those votes cast prior to 5:00 p.m. PT on October 30 will be counted. The election results will also be announced on October 30th.
  • Where do I find the voting link?
    • For member security and confidentiality, voting takes place on an external website. Your personal voting instructions can only be found in your voter instruction kit.
  • What if I do not receive a voter instruction kit?
    • Any eligible voter who does not receive their mailed voter instruction kit by Wednesday, October 14, 2015 is encouraged to contact Equity's National Office for assistance. Member who come into good standing after the voter kits are mailed, but before the October 23 enumeration deadline should also contact the Equity for assistance.
  • What Region am I in? Can I vote in a different Region?
    • Members can vote for candidates in their registered electoral region only, which reflects either the member's permanent address or the member's discipline (if involved in Opera, Dance, or Stage Management). To view your current electoral region and/or request a region change, log in here and select 'Update your Region/Discipline'. Members must update their region by September 25, 2015.
  • Where can I find my regional candidates?
    • You can find out about who is running in your region by clicking here.
      Regions will also be holding candidacy meetings throughout September and early October so make sure you regularly check the calendar on this website as well as your e-mail to find out when your regional candidates are getting together.
  • How does Equity Council work?
    • The governance of Equity is managed by a national Council of 22 representatives, elected from across Canada, assisted by a slate of advisory committees.
      Advisory committees are generally formed when and where the members tell us one is needed. Council can either create one itself (such as the Independent Theatre Review Committee), or representative groups can apply to create one on a topic of their choosing (such as for repertory theatre, diversity, small-scale opera, or even for a geographical region).
  • How are Council seats distributed?
    • The distribution of Council seats reflects both the geography of the country as well as the various disciplines that Equity represents, with each region having at least one seat. Regions with larger populations have a proportionately larger number of seats.
      This is how it breaks down:
      •  Ontario (7)
      •  British Columbia & the Yukon (3)
      •  Alberta South (1)
      •  Northwest Territories & Alberta North (1)
      •  Saskatchewan (1)
      •  Manitoba and Nunavut (1)
      •  Eastern Ontario/Outaouais (1)
      •  Quebec (1)
      •  Atlantic (1)
      •  Eastern Opera - Saskatchewan (inclusive) and Eastward (2)
      •  Western Opera - BC/Yukon and Alberta (1)
      •  Dance (1)
      •  Stage Management (1)
Council Election Timeline
2015 Council Election Candidates
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