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Not in OUR Space! Equity's Respectful Workplace Campaign

Not in OUR Space! Equity's Respectful Workplace Campaign

Not in OUR Space! is a national anti-harassment and respectful workplace collaboration campaign developed by Equity which seeks to ensure healthy and productive working conditions for all professionals working in live performance across the country.

How do I get help? Contact a Respectful Workspace Advisor
Email:   Phone: 1-800-387-1856

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Not In OUR Space! National Campaign - Fall 2017

PACT member Theatres will jointly present an anti-harassment statement on the first day of rehearsal called the First Day Talk program in conjunction with an Equity representative.

Equity, PACT and the theatres will each offer ways to support artists and theatres when there is a question about harassment in the workspace or when steps need to be taken to resolve an incident. Equity will provide materials (brochures, bookmarks and posters) to support the theatres and their members for distribution and display.

PACT will provide additional resources in the form of policy templates, information on Provincial and Federal legislative expectations, documentation needs, and training for theatres and their staff.

We are working together, dedicating energy to cultivating and supporting the community in creating harassment-free theatre environments across Canada.

Equity and PACT are committed to providing avenues where advice, guidance and reporting are easily accessible to artists and theatres. We thank you in advance for your commitment in spreading the movement across the country to all PACT theatres.

Equity and PACT are committed to the pursuit of safe and respectful workspaces by promoting zero-tolerance for bullying and harassment in professional Canadian theatre. This collaboration fosters awareness of the issues through education and dialogue, providing support for those who have experienced or witnessed toxic behaviours in the workplace and tools necessary to prevent bullying and harassment.
Industry-wide Initiative: Equity and PACT continue to work together on this important issue, we ask that all live performance professionals speak out against harassment and collectively champion positive change.

Public Statements

  • Executive Director Arden R. Ryshpan released a statement regarding respectful workspaces, and Equity's Not in OUR Space! campaign.[Read the full statement here]
  • Canadian creative industry gathered to collaborate on an industry-wide response to sexual harassment, discrimination, bullying, and violence.[Read the full statement here]
  • Equity's national Council is actively listening to members' concerns about bullying, discrimination, and personal and sexual harassment. [Read the full statement here]

The Not In OUR Space! campaign's key objectives include:

  • Defining what harassment is (and is not) and aiding in the identification of different forms of harassment
  • Stopping harassment before it starts
  • Providing key educational and information materials to theatres and artists
  • Emphasizing collective responsibility by encouraging subjects as well as witnesses to come forward when they experience or observe harassment and bullying
  • Empowering action by individuals (see the Equity Support Spectrum) through multiple reporting options, including easy access to Equity support networks
  • Delivering ongoing education and training by both Equity and PACT

Equity acknowledges the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres as a founding partner in this initiative.

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