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Retirement Benefits

Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)
Equity members benefit from participation in a group RRSP.

Generally, most Equity contracts require the engager to deduct six percent (6%) of each eligible members fee at source which goes directly into to the members RRSP. Members may make further contributions to their RRSP account. Equity provides regular RRSP updates. Annual statements for tax purposes are sent to you by Great West London Life (GWLL).

GWLL has a full compliment of information services and upon request will provide investment advice to Equity members. Every Equity member must open an RRSP. New members receive a form authorizing Equity to open an RRSP account in their name which must be completed and returned to Equity. RRSP deposits cannot be made without our receipt of this document.

Prepared by Proteus Performance Management Inc.

Group Retirement Services uses Equity member numbers for identification
To protect the personal information of Equity members, Group Retirement Services (GRS) does not use Social Insurance Numbers for identification. Each Equity member has a unique member number. Contact the RRSP Administrator for more information.

All RRSP forms are posted online in Equity's online Document Library.

Members with RRSP money on hold because the trust company could not deposit it to an active account.
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