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Membership Dues

Basic membership dues are $180.00 per year. Members are invoiced for $90.00 on May 1st and November 1st. There is a three month grace period after each billing date in which dues can be paid before incurring a $10.00 overdue fee. However, a member under contract must remit any dues payment immediately and remain in "good standing" throughout the duration of the contract, or prior to signing an Equity contract, whichever comes first (see bylaw 90(b) of Equity's Constitution and Bylaws). Further information regarding dues and payments is available by email or by telephone to 1-800-387-1856 (416-867-9165 in Toronto).

Pay your basic dues with Visa/MasterCard on EQUITYONLINE
Equity members may pay basic dues online with Visa or MasterCard. This feature allows members to log in to EQUITYONLINE and securely pay dues in a few simple clicks. To pay your dues online, log in to EQUITYONLINE normally, and click on the 'Pay Equity Dues Online' button.

Pay your basic dues online through personal Internet banking or tele-banking
Equity members may pay basic dues ($90 payable May 1st and November 1st) over the internet through a personal tele-banking service. Select Canadian Actors' Equity Association (may be listed under Ontario) as a bill payee on your banking institution's website. Equity members should use their member number as their account number. Once Equity is registered as a bill, payment may be initiated.

Pay your basic dues by automatic bank debit or credit card
Simply fill out and mail Equity a Dues Payment Authorization by Bank Debit form or an Dues Payment Authorization by Credit Card form to have your basic dues automatically deducted each November 1 and May 1.

Basic dues overdue fees
Overdue fees are applied every August 1, November 1, February 1, and May 1 to all unpaid accounts.
For accounts not paid before the end of the first three month grace period a $10.00 overdue fee is applied. Another $10.00 overdue fee is applied to accounts not paid within six months. After nine months another $10.00 overdue fee applies. After one year of non-payment a member's account will be assessed a $25.00 reinstatement fee.

Dues remission
The privilege of Dues Remission status as outlined in the Association's Constitution and bylaws exempts a member from the requirement to pay annual basic dues. The member must meet the criteria outlined below in order to be entitled to dues remission status.
Performers, stage managers, directors, choreographers and fight directors, age 65 or over, are eligible for basic dues remission if they have been a member of Equity for more than 10 years and are in good standing with the Association.
Ballet dancers are eligible for dues remission at age 45, and opera singers are eligible for basic dues remission at age 55.
Dues remission is not automatic. Members must apply to the Association in writing to request dues remission status. Members who wish to continue to support Equity through payment of basic dues are welcome to continue to do so. Members on dues remission will continue to pay the 2.25% working dues when working under an Equity contract.
For more information, email Equity's Membership Administrator at

Working dues
Members also pay 2.25% working dues, deducted at source, when working under an Equity contract. For further information on working dues contact Equity's membership department.

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