Friday, September 21, 2018
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Engagers who owe outstanding fees, benefits, or any other sums to Equity members are considered to be "defaulting engagers."

No Equity member is permitted to enter into a contractual relationship with a defaulting engager, and defaulting engagers are prohibited from entering into contractual relationships with Equity members.

Members are asked to inform a Business Representative Business Representative (by phone at 1-800-387-1856 or 416-867-9165 in Toronto) immediately if offered an engagement by any individual or any producer listed below.

Defaulting engagers (as of December 2013)
The Acting Company, Toronto (not affiliated with The Acting Company, Ottawa)
Between Trains Theatre Company
Bob Youngquist
Chimes Dinner Theatre and Jack Timlock
Danrich Associates and Jack Timlock
First Christmas Productions
Galop Musical Productions and Andrew Campbell and Gregory F. Kieser
Hamilton Theatre Inc.
JD Productions (including Nicky Fylan, Mary Murphy and John McNamara)
Magic Circus Theatre
Music Hall Productions and Peter Ingster
New Bastion Theatre
Opera Hamilton Inc.
Pampero Productions
Panama Productions
R.C.L. Productions & Kevin McRae
The Stage Company a.k.a. Midland Stage Company
Theatre Outremont and William Steen, also Mssrs. Flamenbaum, Trevick & Drazin
Theatre Plus Toronto
Theatre Terra Nova
Time Square Productions & Peter Trepanier
T.M. Sheridan and Wllm Shkspr(Abridged) Partners
Union Theatre and Ian Ferguson

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