Wednesday, August 15, 2018
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Member Services

Equity member performers, stage managers, directors, choreographers, singers, dancers and fight directors are professional artists, having made a lifetime commitment to their craft. Each member's Equity membership card is a symbol of that commitment.

Membership in Equity

Member Benefits

Update: As of January 1, 2017, the DentalCare and VisionCare discount programs will be cancelled. For more information about this cancellation, and for Equity members in good standing wishing to maintain coverage in the Network and take advantage of dental and optical discounts beyond January 1, 2017, please click here for more information.

As a benefit of membership members in good standing are automatically enrolled in Equity's vision and dental discount programs. These discount programs provide significant savings to members and their families.

ExtraCare provides additional insurance coverage for critical illness, hospital expenses, accidental death and dismemberment and funeral expenses. Protect yourself and your family against financial hardship with insurance that meets your needs and budget.

Equity members in good standing are eligible to access a comprehensive benefits package entitling them to discounts and benefits on a range of national and local services.

Member Services

Rights and Responsibilities

Equity believes that every Equity member has certain rights, and that these rights must be upheld by the membership as a whole:

  • the right to a safe and sanitary workplace
  • the right to a harassment-free working environment where physical and verbal abuse are not tolerated
  • the right to be treated with courtesy and respect
  • the right to be paid no less than the agreed minimum fee for an engagement, and to be free to negotiate a higher fee
  • the right to rest breaks, meal breaks, and overnight breaks
  • the right to travel expense reimbursement and a fair expense allowance while on tour
  • The Equity members of today have these rights because members before them believed in these principles and fought for these rights. Rights won by artists as a group also means having responsibilities to that group. An artist should not act in any way that will hurt other artists. (For example, an artist working without a contract undercuts the ability for another artist to get a contract.) Members of Equity are expected to act in a professional manner, and as a member, agrees to adhere to certain principles.
    An Equity member:

  • must be in good standing when working in Equity's jurisdiction; check the "basic dues paid to" date is on the front of every member card before signing an engagement contract
  • under no circumstances rehearse, perform, stage manage, direct or choreograph in live performance, with or without pay, without a signed Equity engagement contract or written permission from Equity to do so
  • must abide by the above or any other requirement of the Equity's Constitution and Bylaws
  • must be a professional; do the best job possible, be on time for all rehearsals and the scheduled half-hour, observe all reasonable company/management rules, and treat fellow artists with courtesy and respect
  • The first three principles above are printed on the back of every member's Equity card.

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