Understanding Your Paycheque in the CTA - Stage Management
Please note: Stage Managers who are employees will also have statutory deductions for EI, CPP
and income tax in addition to the calculations listed below.
Select PSM/SM/ASM:
Select Company Category:  
Applicable term of Agreement:  
Applicable vacation pay rate:    %
Negotiated Contractual Fee:  
Membership or other deductions:  
Overtime payments/other:  
Applicable Minimum Fee   $0.00
Itemization of Deductions/Additions
Negotiated Contractual Fee $0.00
less: working dues (2.25% of fee) $0.00
less: amount for benefits (see over) $0.00
less: membership or other deductions $0.00
plus: overtime payments/other $0.00
plus: vacation pay (based on fee) $0.00
Cheque to Artist $0.00
Calculation of Benefits
RRSP - 6% of contractual fee
Insurance Premium $0.00
Benefits Deduction $0.00