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Arts Service Organizations

The AFC (formerly Actors Fund of Canada)

The AFC is the lifeline for Canada's entertainment industry. Through compassionate and confidential support, we help Canadian entertainment professionals maintain their health, dignity and ability to work. The AFC is an expression of the community's good will, helping entertainment professionals when they are at their most vulnerable due to injury, illness or other personal hardship.

1000 Yonge Street, Suite 301
Toronto, ON M4W 2K2
t: 1-877-399-8392 or (416)-975-0304
f: (416)-975-0306

ACTRA Fraternal Benefit Society



Actsafe is dedicated to the promotion of workplace health and safety in the motion picture and performing arts industries in British Columbia, Canada.

Our mandate includes providing health & safety information, education, and training for the performing arts and motion picture industries in our Province. We have publications, posters, videos and access to professionals at WorkSafeBC. When the industry perceives a need, Actsafe responds


Alliance for Arts and Culture

The Greater Vancouver Alliance for Arts and Culture Society (The Alliance), a non-profit society, represents and serves a diverse membership drawn from Greater Vancouver's cultural sector. The Alliances aims are to increase awareness of, and responsiveness to, the value of the arts in our society through public education; and to promote the arts of the Greater Vancouver Regional District by representing the interests of the arts community through membership services, co-operative programs, and marketing strategies.


Artists' Health Alliance

The Artists' Health Alliance: provides leadership in health advocacy, promotion, and education for artists of all disciplines; supports artists' use of specialized arts medicine and the integrative healthcare facility at The Al & Malka Green Artists' Health Centre at Toronto Western Hospital; and through active networking and research is a catalyst for advancing the health and wellbeing of our artistic community.

The Lynda Hamilton Centre
250 The Esplanade, Suite 500
Toronto, Ontario M5A 1J2
t: (416)-351-0239
f: (416)-595-0009

The Al & Malka Green Artists' Health Centre

The Al & Malka Green Artists' Health Centre (Centre) is a facility in the Family and Community Medicine Program at Toronto Western Hospital. Equipped with an Acoustic Studio and Movement Assessment Studio with a sprung floor to aid in diagnosis and treatment. The Centre is the only clinic of its kind in Canada that specializes in serving the entire artistic community.

The Al & Malka Green
Artists' Health Centre
Toronto Western Hospital
399 Bathurst Street
3rd fl, West Wing
Toronto, ON M5T 2S8
T: (416) 603-5263

Artists' Legal Advice Services

Artists' Legal Advice Services (ALAS) was established in 1985 by Canadian Artists Representation Ontario, with the assistance of the Cultural Collective of the Law Union of Canada. It offers through Legal Aid Ontario a free-of-charge summary legal advice clinic in Toronto to artists of any discipline and who qualify for Legal Aid. The advice is in person, by appointment, in consultations that last up to one-half hour. Although any lawyer who provides advice to a client on a given matter through the clinic is not permitted to subsequently provide legal services to that same client on that same matter, they may refer the client to other means for obtaining legal services such as the Law Society of Upper Canada's Lawyer Referral Service. The office is open on Tuesday and Thursday. Although the service is free-of-charge, clients are encouraged to make a contribution of $7.00 per appointment to offset the administrative costs of the service.

1900-1 Yonge St
Toronto ON  M5E 1E5
t: (416)-367-ALAS

Arts News Canada

Arts News Canada is an online resource and subscription service providing news and commentary on the arts and culture industries in Canada.

Canadian Artists and Producers Professional Relations Tribunal (CAPPRT)


Canadian Conference of the Arts (CCA)

The Canadian Conference of the Arts (CCA) is Canada's oldest and largest arts advocacy group. Founded in 1945 by the leading artists of the day, the CCA was created to impress upon governments and the general public the importance of the arts and cultural industries in Canadian society. The CCA is an independent, non-partisan organization and a registered charity.


Canadian Senior Artists' Resource Network

The Canadian Senior Artists� Resource Network (Centre de ressources pour les artistes a�n�s du Canada) was launched in 2011 by the arts and cultural community to assist professional artists to live out their senior years in dignity and respect. While senior artists share many characteristics with other seniors, they also have their own unique needs and interests which arise from how they work as artists. Collectively, our senior artists have made an enormous contribution to the culture and economy of Canada.

tel: 647-854-1434 (toll free: 1-855-854-1434)

The Canadian Dance Assembly (CDA)

The Canadian Dance Assembly (CDA) is the voice of the professional dance sector in Canada and advocates for a healthy, sustainable environment in which professional dance practice can grow and thrive. CDA cultivates a strong national voice for Canadian professional dance and supports the development of resources for this field of artistic expression. Through conferences, workshops, and networking events we connect the dance community from coast to coast, building a cohesive and dynamic milieu.


The Canadian Institute of Theatre Technology (CITT)

CITT is an organization of more than 500 design and production professionals. It offers services in electronic networking, as well as a quarterly journal called Stageworks, and can be reached at:


Canadian Senior Artists Resource Network

The Canadian Senior Artists Resource Network was created by the arts and cultural community to assist senior artists, whose contribution to the culture and economy of Canada is profound, to live out their senior years in dignity and respect. It was the outcome of a three-year research project which examined the needs of senior artists in the areas of finance, health, isolation, housing and career. To qualify for services, you must have been a professional artist for at least 10 years and be 55 years of age or older.

Coalition For Cultural Diversity (CCD)

The Coalition For Cultural Diversity, an organization that includes Canadian cultural professional associations, has a mandate to assert that cultural diversity is a fundamental human right and that countries and governments be entirely free to adopt the policies necessary to support the diversity of cultural expression and the viability of enterprises that produce and disseminate this expression.


Community Arts Ontario


Creative Arts Savings and Credit Union

Creative Arts Savings & Credit Union is a cooperatively run banking institution chartered in 2008 for the benefit of the Ontario-based members of organizations serving the entertainment industry.


Cultural Careers Council of Ontario (CCCO)

Cultural Careers Council Ontario (CCCO) is a sectoral council representing Ontario's cultural industry. Its role is to promote and facilitate cultural career access, entry, advancement and self-management in Ontario through programs and partnerships.


Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC)

The Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC) brings together representatives of all the sub-sectors to address the training and career development needs of cultural workers - artists, creators, technical staff, managers, boards, volunteers, and all those engaged professionally in the sector, including the self-employed.


Dancer Transition Resource Centre (DTRC)


Equity Showcase Theatre


Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance

The GVPTA is an association of more than 110 theatre companies and related organizations whose mandate is, through their collective efforts, to promote live theatre and foster a thriving theatre environment for the continued growth and development of theatre.


International Network for Cultural Diversity (INCD)

The International Network for Cultural Diversity (INCD) is a world wide network of artists and cultural groups dedicated to countering the homogenizing effects of globalization on culture.


PAL Canada Foundation (PAL)

PAL Canada Foundation works to alleviate the consequences of poverty, isolation and housing challenges among senior and disadvantaged members of Canada's professional artists'' community.
PAL Canada Foundation is the national umbrella organization that represents and supports eight individual PAL chapters across the country, including Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto, Stratford, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver. Each PAL chapter has its own unique requirements, which may be to provide and sustain quality affordable housing for seniors and/or challenged individuals within their professional and performing arts community, or serve members in the form of a volunteer-driven team known as "Supporting Cast."
Supporting Cast is a group of volunteers who offer personal assistance to senior and disadvantaged artists, so that they can continue to lead meaningful, independent lives in their own homes. These services may include: assistance in dealing with community agencies and health care providers, rides to medical appointments, running errands and light housekeeping. Supporting Cast volunteers offer companionship and a friendly sympathetic ear.


Playwrights Canada Press (PCP)

Playwrights Canada Press is Canada's largest and oldest exclusive publisher of drama titles. Formerly an imprint of the Playwrights Union of Canada, it was separately incorporated in 2001.


Quebec Drama Federation (QDF)

A registered charity founded in 1972, the Quebec Drama Federation exists to encourage and maintain English-language theatre in Quebec by providing leadership in promotion, development, and support.



S.M.Arts, Stage Managing the Arts explores the personal, technical, organizational and life skills necessary for a career in stage management. Each Conference explores aspects of stage management and provides a comfortable environment for new and experienced stage managers to hone their craft. The annual Conference is for the student stage manager who wants to know more about their career choice, the apprentice stage manager who wants to perfect their skills and the experienced stage manager looking for diversification within their field.

Theatre Alberta Society

A provincial arts service organization committed to encouraging the growth of theatre in Alberta.


Theatre BC

Theatre BCs mandate is to promote and encourage the development of community theatre in British Columbia and the Yukon by providing leadership and opportunities for participation, education and sharing the enjoyment of diverse theatre experiences.


Theatre Ontario

email: click here

Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts (TAPA)

t: 1-800-541-0499

Workers Arts and Heritage Centre (Ontario)

An interpretive centre for workers' history and culture in the province of Ontario.


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