Thursday, September 20, 2018
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EQ - Equity Quarterly - 2018
Spring is finally here - and this issue of EQ is dedicated to regrowth and renewal. You'll find a recap of the work Equity Council has been doing over the past three years, as well as a look ahead to the new directions Equity will be moving in to make working conditions and opportunities better for members. Also in this issue - an introduction into the emerging field of intimacy directing. This specialized field makes intimate scenes on stage not only better - but safer.
  What propels artists to perform alone on stage with only the audience as their scene partner? Equity members share the trials and tribulations of solo performances, as well as the process of bringing a one-person show to life. Also in this issue, reflections on the Equity Census, more information on Not In OUR Space!, Equity's campaign to change our industry's culture and stop harassment in the workplace, and a chance to get caught up on Equity news.

EQ - Equity Quarterly - 2017
Not In OUR Space! Live performance artists work in shared spaces where their actions affect those around them. EQ explores what happens when inappropriate or damaging behaviour occurs on stages and in rehearsal areas. Find out what constitutes harassment and what you can do if it happens to you or a colleague, and how the Not In Our Space! campaign aims to stop harassment before it starts.
Dance Equity Campaign to Launch to Launch Summer 2017 - Read how Equity is reaching out to independent dancers to ensure they are protected and compensated fairly.
Equity Census Update: Get more in-depth information from the 2015 Equity Census with a new analysis of earnings based on gender, ability and sexual orientation.
  Keeping healthy and safe in live performance is both an obligation on the part of your engager - and a responsibility on your part. In this issue of EQ you'll learn what you should expect from your engager, and what you can do to stay safe. You'll also hear personal tales of how Equity members have stayed safe on stage. Plus, find out how to make your RRSPs work for you, and uncover more illuminating results from The Equity Census.

EQ - Equity Quarterly - 2016
We're celebrating Equity's Ruby Anniversary with a special commemorative issue of EQ that looks back over the past 40 years and ahead to the next 40. Follow the timeline that flows through the magazine to see how Equity has helped improve conditions for members - and don't miss our exclusive interview with Mélanie Joly, Minister of Canadian Heritage, on how the Liberal government plans to follow through on its commitment to increased funding for arts and culture.

In this issue of EQ we explore the allure of repertory theatre. Although this type of theatre company used to be popular in Canada, it is now relatively rare due to its high cost. Find out how new models are revitalizing its unique structure and creating new opportunities for Equity members. In this issue we also introduce the new Equity Council, debut a new feature that celebrates Equity Honours recipients, and flashback 50 years at Regina's Globe Theatre.

EQ - Equity Quarterly - 2015
This issue of EQ looks forward to how we can make Equity a stronger Association. In addition, you'll find out the first release of data from The Equity Census and the urgency of making your voice heard in the upcoming federal election. The current federal government has not been kind to the arts - so make sure you vote for arts and culture on Election Day.
  It's the boldest project Equity has ever undertaken - and all you need to do is tell us about yourself. Read about The Equity Census and why your colleagues are going to provide their member numbers so Equity can conduct ongoing analysis about how diversity has an impact on work opportunities, engagement patterns and income earned. Also in this issue - find out the results from the recent safe and respectful workplaces survey and how Equity is helping to make your workplace safer.
  Discover why audiences and artists alike love festivals as we explore the appeal of festivals such as the Fringe - and ask whether it's becoming the new development ground for original Canadian works. Also in this issue, learn how the Royal Winnipeg Ballet used dance to tell the story of the Indian Residential Schools, and find out why it's important to participate in the upcoming Membership Demography Survey even if you don't consider yourself to be part of a diverse group.
EQ - Equity Quarterly - 2014
EQ comes out in this special queer issue helmed by guest editor Matthew Hays. We travel across the country to ask a celebrated group of artists their feelings about the state of queer theatre and performance today, and look back at 35 years of Toronto's Buddies in Bad Times, the world's oldest queer theatre. We also talk to Nina Arsenault about her amazing journey, and celebrate the 25th anniversary of Brad Fraser's landmark play, Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love.
  How is working with child performers different from working with adults? Find out in this special 'Child's Play' issue of EQ. And how about juggling a theatre career with the demands of parenting? Equity members share their stories of playing both roles. You'll also learn what Equity has been doing to protect children working in live performance and to ensure they are paid fairly. In addition, the special double wrap cover provides important information on the upcoming Dues Referendum.
EQ - Equity Quarterly - 2013
Join the dance with this issue of Equity Quarterly! Find out how Canada's ballet companies are evolving to welcome new audiences while continuing to delight devoted fans. Discover the unique skills needed to stage manage for dance - and follow the journey as the dancers of Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montr'al decide to join Equity. But that's not all! Make sure you turn to EQ Backstage to learn more about the upcoming dues referendum.

Is laughter really the best medicine? Find out what's so funny on our stages and how live performance is connecting with Canadians and making them laugh. In our Spring EQ issue you'll also discover what it takes to move and think like a horse while operating a life-size puppet, as well as what's new and improved about the Equity insurance plan that came into effect on April 1, 2013.

What happened at the FIA 2012 Congress, and why is it important to Equity members? In this issue of EQ you'll find out how performers are working together through the International Federation of Actors (FIA) to tackle tough issues like equality in the workplace and the impact of digital technology on compensation. You'll also discover how Equity is helping fellow artists in Namibia, on the south west coast of Africa, increase its membership and lobby for national arts support.

EQ - Equity Quarterly - 2012
In recognition of the coming Council elections in October 2012, this issue of EQ takes a look inside Equity to learn what Council has accomplished over the past term, and to discover the different ways members are giving back to their Association. You'll also find out why support for the arts makes good business sense, how the recent federal budget is affecting live performance in Canada and what you can do to keep arts and culture at the top of the political agenda.

Does government policy affect your career? Can lobbying for arts funding make a difference to the work you do? There are a lot of forces out there that affect your live performance career, and this issue of EQ connects the dots so you can see how it all fits together. And for those just starting out, you'll learn about the professionals who can help you start off on the right foot by providing advice to successfully manage your career and finances.

It might be cold and snowy outside, but this issue of EQ lets a little sun in by taking a look at the great allure of summer theatre in Canada. Find out about the advantages as well as the distractions of performing in the great outdoors, and the wide variety of summer fare on offer. In this issue you can also read about the process of producing the same play in two languages, and what you should know when performing while pregnant.

EQ - Equity Quarterly - 2011
What decisions, challenges and realities need to be faced to put together a winning theatre season? In this issue of EQ we talk to artistic directors across the country about the delicate balancing act they need to perform between artistic vision and reality. Also, find out how the SummerWorks Festival was able to go on despite learning it would not be receiving a federal grant just six weeks before the curtain was scheduled to go up.

How many Facebook "friends" do you have? Find out how social media is transforming live performance - from members who are using Facebook and blogs to promote their work, to theatre and ballet companies who are reaching new audiences through YouTube and Twitter. The summer issue of EQ also demystifies the horrors of stage fright and takes some of the hot air out of our politicians by showcasing political theatre at The Wrecking Ball cabarets held across the country after the May federal election.

Food is essential to life, but eating also gives us the opportunity to connect to each other - especially when paired with good conversation. In this issue of EQ we explore how food is used to highlight themes, bring out characters, and shape the mood in live performance. We also delve into the challenges of preparing food for use on stage, and - as an added bonus - invite you to try out some unique recipes inspired by iconic stage directions and created especially for Equity members.

How are senior artists in Canada faring? Find out the results of the recent Senior Artists' Research Project and hear from Equity members on how aging has affected their art and their livelihoods. Also check out what happens when theatre critics and performers share the stage to raise funds for the Actors' Fund. All that and more in the Winter 2011 issue of EQ magazine.

EQ - Equity Quarterly - 2010
EQ examines the last 500 years of Canadian theatre history. Canadian performance has evolved to tackle the issues of the day and put Canadian productions on the map. We've come a long way from when foreign touring companies dominated our stages, but we still have a way to go yet to ensure that the voices of Aboriginal and other diverse communities are heard on our stages.

How is new technology changing our stages? Can "old" technology be just as effective in transforming an empty stage into an extraordinary live experience? Find out how Equity members are using innovation to push the boundaries of live performance and why nothing can ever replace live theatre, dance and opera - no matter how "life-like" 3D film tries to be, or how easy it may be to watch entertainment online.

Can we speak freely in Canada? While performers in other parts of the world can face imprisonment, torture and even death when their art is deemed controversial - we still need to be vigilant here in Canada to make sure our work isn't censored. Learn about some Canadian theatre productions that have faced pressure to change and about some brave international artists who have not given in to oppression.

This issue of EQ explores the emotions that musical theatre evokes - while some performers and audiences absolutely love the genre, others think musicals are just too over the top. You'll also learn about the performers who ensure big musicals go on night after night even though they don't always get onto the stage, and hear about the troubling arts funding situation facing Equity members in British Columbia.

EQ - Equity Quarterly - 2009
Welcome to our Government Issue - where we ask if it is time to review Canada's cultural policy. The last arts and culture review was done in 1983, so we asked several seasoned arts policy specialists if the time is right for a review, and if so - what should it include. For good measure we also asked journalist, former Governor General and tireless arts supporter Adrienne Clarkson what her ideal cultural policy would look like. Also in this issue - find out how Australian performers helped change the government, and get the inside scoop on arts lobbying.

Equity Exposed! - EQ goes behind the scenes at Equity.
Dear Readers, You will notice that this issue of EQ is a departure in both content and design from previous issues. Designed as an opportunity for Council to give you an end - of - term review, it also provides Equity with the chance to gently poke fun at ourselves and show you some of the inner workings of your Association. We hope you enjoy it.

The Spring 2009 issue of EQ goes out on the road with several Canadian artists - and chronicles the trials and tribulations of performing around the world. Equity members also respond to the Harper government's recent cuts to the Trade Routes and PromArt programs, and give their reasons why touring abroad is so important for Canada and its artists.

How cool is opera in Canada? Find out in the Winter issue of EQ - where we travel across the country to explore how opera is evolving and thriving. We also meet Alexander Neef - the new General Director of the Canadian Opera Company, and hear from opera star John Mac Master on how Equity members can keep arts at the top of the political agenda between elections.

EQ - Equity Quarterly - 2008
The Fall issue of EQ examines the challenge of "being green" in the world of live performance. We speak to theatre companies across Canada at work to make theatre more environmentally friendly. This edition also introduces Barb Farwell as Equity Quarterly's new editor, and marks the debut of four additional pages of editorial content providing an enhanced idea forum.

The latest issue of EQ examines the challenge and satisfaction of producing theatre for young audiences. Artistic Directors and members from across Canada discuss issues relating to funding, artistic creativity and meaningful content. The issue also focuses a spotlight on outdoor Shakespeare productions in the summer, and we fondly remember former Equity Chair Vernon Chapman and George Brown Theatre School founder Timon Shaw.
The Spring issue examines issues relating to Aboriginal theatre in Canada. Guest Editor Yvette Nolan, Artistic Director of Native Earth Performing Arts, and Michelle St. John co-founder of Turtle Gals Performance Ensemble, share the challenges and realities of producing and performing in Native theatre. The issue also show-
cases Native performing arts organizations across the country reaching out to Aboriginal youth. The health and wellness column profiles Vancouver's Performing Arts Lodge, and Equity remembers members who passed in 2007.

The Winter EQ issue focuses on issues relating to financial health including building a solid economic plan, retirement strategies and RRSP management. The Voices column features excerpts from Kerry Davidson's speech honouring Equity Life Member Gordon Tootoosis. Allan Teichman fills the membership in on the job of Equity's President and Cheryl Jack fondly remembers Life Member Tibor Feheregyhazi.

EQ - Equity Quarterly - 2007
The Fall EQ issue focuses on the exquisitely beautiful and physically brutal world of dance. The feature article follows the career paths of four dancers, from training, auditioning, touring and performing; through the inevitable transition from professional dance. The Spotlight feature celebrates the one year anniversary of the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts, and William Hutt and Ed Mirvish are fondly remembered for their contributions to arts and culture in Canada.
The Summer issue of EQ focuses on the crowding out of performing arts spaces by increasing urban density in Canadas major cities. EQ Voices say goodbye and thank you to departing Executive Director Susan Wallace, and Karen Kain remembers Celia Franca for her contribution to dance in Canada.

The inaugural issue of EQ focuses on Senior Business Representative Ken Burns' twinning exchange with Oruuano of Namibian Artists' Union. A new Spotlight feature celebrates the 'The Palace on the Prairies' - the Burton Cummings Theatre for the Performing Arts. Charmion King and Mavor Moore are fondly remembered for their contributions to arts and culture in Canada.
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