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Deputy Resources

DEPUTIES AND STAGE MANAGERS: Online Deputy Election and Report forms are currently in use for CTA and ITA productions only. The stage manager for a CTA/ITA production is sent an email notification before the first rehearsal, and the Deputy will receive a reminder email to file the Deputy Report form online prior to the end of the production. Members will be required to log in using their current Equity member number and password.

  • NEW Deputy Resource
  • Deputies serve as a liaison between Equity and performers, stage managers and any other artist engaged on an Equity contract for a production.

  • NEW Deputy Resource for Stage Managers
  • Information on the election of the Deputy and bringing Not in OUR Space! into rehearsal halls and performance venues across the country.

    First-time & Chrome and Firefox users:

    If you have difficulty downloading or opening a PDF file, please refer to the PDF Form Help section. There are helpful tips on how to get the most out of these forms based on your needs. If you are still encountering difficulty, please contact the Communications Coordinator at Equity's National Office.

    Equity has streamlined the Deputy election and release process - from the Stage Manager's first day to the close of a production. The new process will save members' time and resources while also cutting Equity's administration costs.

    Deputy resources are now available online only. Deputy Packages will no longer be mailed to theatres. Members are welcome to download any of these documents to use, print or post at their convenience.

    Please contact an Equity Business Representative with any questions about the role of the Deputy or regarding rehearsal, contract or performance working terms and conditions.

    Deputy Resources
    First Day of Rehearsal

    Stage Manager Notes: On the first day of rehearsal, please ensure that all Equity members in the company meet and elect the Deputy for the production. SMs are now recognized as the official Equity representatives responsible for ensuring that the Deputy election form is emailed to Equity.

    Member signatures are no longer required on the Deputy Election Form. Member names need only be typed into the fillable form. Just click the "Submit" button to email a completed form to Equity.

    During Rehearsals

    The Deputy is elected to serve as the liaison between a Stage Manager, Equity and the Engager when a complaint or issue cannot be easily resolved by an individual member. The Deputy is encouraged to consult with an Equity Business Representative when clarification about the terms of an agreement is needed.

    All Equity members including the Deputy should rely on the Association for support whenever a problem arises that cannot be solved after consultation. The Business Representatives are ready to assist you, and it is the job of the Association to administer and enforce Equity's agreements as the need arises. It is not the responsibility of the Deputy or the Stage Manager (or any Equity member) to enforce or interpret an agreement, enter into discussions or mediation with an Engager concerning a term of an agreement or to police fellow members. Problems of this nature should be immediately referred to an Equity Business Representative.

    For the Callboard | To Print and Post
    For Stage Managers

    Visit the SM Advisory webpage for other great resources including a Provincial ESA Overtime Resource, Overtime Sheets, Health and Safety Checklist and many more useful resources prepared by your colleagues.

    Last Day of Production

    Before a security bond is released, Equity must receive verification that all fees and expenses owing to Equity members in a production have been paid in full. Confirmation of payment is a vital Deputy responsibility. Without payment verification, Equity may not be able to process a timely release of the security bond in accordance with provisions of the Agreement. A Deputy must fill out and submit the form below as soon as possible following the close of a production.

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