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Equity Engagement Policies

Please note: Equity introduced the OPEN, a short duration and multi-engagement dance policy on August 17, 2017.
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Artists' Collective Policy

The Artists' Collective Policy is based on the fundamental tenets of group decision making and agreed-upon revenue sharing. All participants (e.g. performers, stage managers, directors, fight directors, choreographers, designers, playwrights etc.) in an Artists' Collective Policy activity/production form the "collective."

Features of the Artists' Collective Policy include:

  • Publicity and promotional opportunities including a full-length promotional recording
  • Streamlined archival recording provisions
  • Site-specific and non-traditional venues are now included in the safe and sanitary requirements
  • Daily insurance premiums now available for workshops/readings

•  Artists' Collective Policy (PDF) (using Adobe Reader / Acrobat only)

The updated Artists' Collective Policy is effective September 30, 2016 and will be reviewed as of September 30, 2019.

DOT (Dance • Opera • Theatre) Policy

DOT Announcement outlining improvements and benefits

The DOT Policy combines the terms and conditions of the Guest Artist Policy, the Canadian Dance Policy, adds new conditions for small-scale opera engagements, and outlines how to engage Equity members at educational institutions.

Provisions common to engagements across all three types of work appear upfront, and there is a separate schedule for each speciality at the end of the Policy. These schedules address necessary rehearsal hour differences and provide a list of appropriate rates.

  • Provisions for non-standard engagements
  • Touring Provisions
  • Simplified payment options, including direct deposit and email transfer
  • Expanded recording provisions
•  DOT Policy (PDF) (using Adobe Reader / Acrobat only)

Festival Policy

The Festival Policy enables members of Equity and independent producers to showcase artistic activities in live performance (e.g. full or partial theatre, dance, opera productions, improvisational performance, busking and scene studies) in a festival setting. Festivals may be curated or select participants by lottery, and may utilize traditional or non-traditional venues, but in all cases the artistic activity must offer each Equity member a genuine opportunity to showcase his/her talents.

Features of the Festival Policy include:

  • Maximum publicity recording increased to five (5) minutes for use during the run of the production.
  • Streamlined archival recording provisions
  • Site-specific and non-traditional venues are now included in the safe and sanitary requirements
  • Policy is now available for productions selected for "Best of the Fringe" or a "Fringe Holdover" provided that the box-office split is not less than 70% to the company and 30% to the holdover producer.

•  Festival Policy (PDF) (using Adobe Reader / Acrobat only)
The Festival Policy is effective September 30, 2016 and will be reviewed as of
September 30, 2019.

•  List of Eligible Festivals
Equity reserves its right to modify the List of Eligible Festivals at any time.

Guidelines for Benefits and Fundraisers

Members of Canadian Actors' Equity Association have a proud history of using their talent and time to support charities and raise funds for worthy causes. Equity facilitates the participation of members in these activities.

•  Guidelines for Benefits & Fundraisers (PDF) (using Adobe Reader / Acrobat only)


The INDIE 2.2 is designed to facilitate the production of theatre made with limited resources. As resources are administrative as well as financial, significant effort has been made to reduce the administrative burden of the INDIE 2.2, allowing theatre companies to focus their time and energy on the artistic and creation process.

After consultation with the membership and specific outreach to those members who worked under the INDIE 2.1, Equity is pleased to launch the new INDIE 2.2. Several changes have been made in response to issues brought forward by members.

  • The Theatre now has the ability to call an Artist for a photo shoot prior to the start date for the production
  • The INDIE 2.2 now includes recognition of the challenges when touring to the Canadian North
  • There is a new requirement to provide a clearer breakdown of deductions with payment to the Artist, and language regarding deductions for non-members has been clarified
  • A new provision allows the Theatre to now prorate the first and last weeks of engagement
  • The INDIE 2.2 weekly minimum fee has increased to $600 or $300 when there is a revenue-sharing agreement. This is an increase of $20 and $10 respectively, as there has been no increase to these fees for a number of years
The INDIE 2.2.policy is effective September 30, 2016 and will be reviewed as of
September 30, 2019.

•  INDIE 2.2 Policy (PDF) (using Adobe Reader / Acrobat only)
•  INDIE 2.2 Application (PDF) (using Adobe Reader / Acrobat only)

Industrial Shows Policy

The Artist shall be contracted on an Independent Theatre Agreement contract, and the following amendments shall be appended thereto as a standard Rider.

Link to PDF (using Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat only): Industrial Shows Policy


The OPEN , a short duration and multi-engagement a dance policy, is now available for use by Equity members.

It is designed to support the engagement of dance artists working in a diverse range of practices for short-duration performances and activities. The OPEN invites non-traditional dance artists to work under professional protections within competitive, freestyle, multidisciplinary, social, commercial, cultural and other diverse dance forms.

•  OPEN policy (PDF)

•  Competition Agreement (PDF)

•  Judging Agreement (PDF)

•  Membership Eligibility Form (PDF)

•  Membership Eligibility Form (Online form)

•  Request to Engage Artists (PDF)

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