Friday, September 21, 2018
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The Stage Management Committee has prepared this summary for the convenience of members, and to serve as a scheduling resource. This is not a policy document, and not intended as a substitute for a solid understanding of the CTA/ITA as it applies to Theatre for Young Audiences.

Please note that the following applies to Theatre for Young Audiences productions mounted under the CTA and ITA only. TYA is not permitted under Equity’s Guest Artist Policy or Co-op Guidelines. Please contact Equity if you have questions about TYA provisions under any of Equity’s other agreements and policies.

Set Up 
Fight Rehearsal 
15 minute Prep (mandatory) 
Discussion Period 
Pack Up 
Meal Break 
Set Up 
Fight Rehearsal 
15 minute Prep
(when possible) 
Discussion Period 
Pack Up 

Takin’ your TYA show on the road?  Here’s a one-page touring cheat sheet to help you spot scheduling hassles on the horizon.

As the SM, you have a mutual responsibility with management to do your best to identify (and avoid) overtime and infringement situations. If you spot a potential problem, bring it to the attention of management in advance. If you are uncertain as to whether a problem exists, or not clear on the rules, get on the phone or e-mail an Equity Business Rep. They are there to help.


  • the work week runs from Monday to Sunday, regardless of the Free Day [18:30]
  • the span of day for local touring is the period from departure to return [55:10 – local touring]
  • presentation hours include performances, discussion periods, workshops [55:14 A]
  • work hours include rehearsal, workshops, travel and performance [55:07]
  • prep work hours for stage management includes all the ancillary activities (paperwork, laundry, vehicle maintenance, supplies purchasing and others duties as ridered) [63:18 B ]
  • Weekly Limits:

  • performance times: 65% must begin no later than 4:30 pm [55:14 C]
  • weekly hours (local): the sum of daily spans cannot exceed 45 hours [55:08]
  • weekly hours (overnight): the allowable total is increased by one hour for each overnight touring day, to a maximum of 50 hours [55:08]
  • presentation time: no more than 20 hours total [55:14 A]
  • Free Day: one per week, plus (when touring) one additional day consisting of no more than travel, or a single performance, or an emergency rehearsal. [55:13]
  • Daily Limits:

  • span of day for local touring: not to exceed 10 hours. [55:10]
  • first call of the day: no earlier than 7:30 (7:00 for shows beginning earlier than 9:00 am) [55:09]
  • locations: no more than 2 [55:14 E]
  • presentations: no more than 3 [55:14 D]
  • daily presentation time: no more than 4 hours in total [55:14 B]
  • overnight rest: 12 hours for all artists [55:12]
  • meal break: a meal break of one hour is required after no more than 5 hours of work. Travel time to and from a meal location is not included in the hour. [55:22 B and 55:16 C]
  • prep time: no more than 1-1/2 hours [55:27 A]. Prep time does not extend the daily or weekly limits, nor may it invade meal breaks or rest periods [55:27 F].
  • Performance Limits:

  • running time of a performance (including internal intermissions) shall not be more than 2 hours [55:14 G]
  • intermissions within a performance shall not exceed 20 minutes [55:14 F]
  • intervals between performances must be at least 15 minutes (where three performances are given, there must be at least one 30 minute interval). [55:14 F]
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