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Stage Management
Stage Management Committee
Kate Sandeson, advisory liaison

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Committee Members: Kat Chin, Lois Dawson, Sylvia Fisher, Erika Morey, Sarah O'Brien, Jess Preece, John Raymond, Neha Ross, Kate Sandeson, Michael Sinclair, Allan Teichman, Zeph Williams

The SM Committee has been serving members working in stage management since the early nineties. Through regularly reaching out to our constituency, we have ensured that Council policy and Equity's various agreements continue to reflect the needs of stage managers working in all disciplines. If we can be of assistance, please let us know.

Equity Councillor contact information (by region)
The SM Committee has created a series of flyers, perfectly sized to post on the Equity callboard, citing Councillor contact information from coast-to-coast. Simply print and post! Visit Equity's Document Library to access this material.

Equity apprentice stage manager advisors
Equity's SM Committee has now published its inaugural list of members in good standing within each region, whom apprentices may email with questions that they have about Equity, our scale agreements, or stage management in general. An advisor's role is not to interpret any of Equity's agreements and policies, but to share their experience working in a professional environment.
Provincial ESA overtime & resources
The SM Committee has prepared this resource document to provide Equity Stage Managers with a current overview of Employment Standards Legislation and Regulations. The resource includes information on exceptions, averaging and links to government websites where Employment Standards information is posted. The information provided should be considered in tandem with Appendix IV of the Canadian Theatre Agreement (last updated March, 2011). Please note: Electronic access is restricted to Equity members only. You must login to the Members Only zone of EQUITYONLINE in order to access the documents.
Equity's agreements and policies require that the Engager must notify an SM regarding any permits related to allowable working hours in a day or week that may affect the Artist�s working conditions - in advance of signing an engagement contract. This information must also be included in a rider affixed to the Artist's engagement contract. The rider must include how ESA overtime is administered by the Engager, including any applicable averaging cycle and the timing of payment of ESA overtime to the Artist. Members are encouraged to email an Equity Business Representative with any questions about engagement contract riders and ESA arrangements currently in effect.

SM time sheets
The SM Committee has created a resource for members to assist in the tracking of their work hours, calculating CTA/ITA overtime and penalty payments, and calculating Employment Standards overtime where applicable. Both a letter size and a legal size form have been created. Use the size that best fits your rehearsal day.
The Committee is actively seeking input for improvement to these forms. Email any suggestions to the address provided on the form.
Please note: Electronic access is restricted to Equity members only. You must login to the Members Only zone of EQUITYONLINE in order to access the documents.
You may temporarily need to disable your browser's popup blocker in order to view and download the timesheets. Learn how to disable your popup blocker in Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.

Weekly time sheet Multi-week time sheet

SM time sheets for the Vancouver Opera
Weekly time sheet

Useful documents

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