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Past Recipients

Life Membership - is awarded to a member of Canadian Actors' Equity Association who has made an outstanding contribution to the performing arts within Equity's jurisdiction. It recognizes not only career achievement, but also colleagues who have gone "above and beyond" in other ways that contribute to the benefit of either Equity or its members.

1975Jane Mallett
1976Herman Geiger-Torel
Hamish Robertson
Herbert Whittaker
1977Mervyn (Butch) Blake
Dora Mavor Moore
Dennis Sweeting
1978Robert Christie
Gratien Gelinas
1979Sam Payne
Arnold Spohr
1980Paul Kligman
1982Donald Davis
1983Lois Smith
1984Amelia Hall
1986Maureen Forrester
1987George Luscombe
1988Jean Gascon
Barry Morse
1990Jack Merigold
1991Dan MacDonald
1993Evelyn Hart
1994Douglas Campbell
1995Joy Coghill
1996Jean-Louis Roux
1997William Hutt
1998 Antony Holland
William Needles
1999Lotfi Mansouri
2000John Neville
2001Frances Hyland
2002Tony Van Bridge
2003Tibor Feheregyhazi

Doreen Brownstone
Irving Guttman

2005Gordon Pinsent
Charmion King
2006Malcolm Black
Henry Woolf
2007Jackie Richardson
Gordon Tootoosis
2008Lloy Coutts
Bernard Hopkins
2009 Martha Henry
Nora Polley
2010 Elsa Bolam
Grant Reddick
2011 Thomas Peacocke
Joyce Doolittle
2012 Evelyne Anderson
Marti Maraden
2013Philip Akin
Janet Irwin
Kenneth Welsh
2015-2016Ted Follows
Jennifer Phipps
Kathryn Shaw
Greg Wanless

Larry McCance Award - is presented to an Equity member in good standing or to a former staff member who has made an outstanding contribution to the Association and distinguished themselves through activity in the service of Equity and its members, beyond consideration of personal benefit.

1982Burnard Chadwick
1983Peg Harmon
1984Vernon Chapman
1986Dan MacDonald
1987Sandy Webster
1988Walter Massey
1990Helen Simpson-Baikie
1991Barbara Chilcott
Desmond Scott
1993Kenneth Wickes
1994Araby Lockhart
1995Christopher Marston
1996A. Frank Ruffo
1997Jeff Braunstein
1998Patricia Carroll Brown
1999Richard Hurst
2000Winston Morgan
2001Ron Haney
2002John MacMaster
2003Jane Heyman
Garry Goddard
2004Terry Tweed
2005Brenda Kamino
2006Sharon Bakker
2007Daphne Goldrick
2008Louis-Marie Bournival
2009 Barbara Gordon
2010Susan E. Wallace
2011Sandy Winsby
2012Dawn Obokata
2013Don Wright
Honorary Membership - is awarded to a non-member of Equity who has made an outstanding contribution to the Association and/or its members, or to the performing arts.

1980Norma Springford
1982 Tom Patterson
1983Dorothy Somerset
1984Laura Legge
1985Art Eggleton
1986Pauline McGibbon
1987Heather McCallum
1990Nicholas Goldschmidt
1991Floyd S. Chalmers
1993Brian Paisley
1994David and Edwin Mirvish
1995Keith Kelly
1996David Spencer
1997Walter Carsen
1999David and Margaret Fountain
2000Margaret Mooney
2001Kathleen M. Richardson
2002Andis Celms
2003Jacqueline Shumiatcher
2004Dr. Martha Cohen
2005Wendy Lill
2006Cherry Karpyshin
2007Tomson Highway
2008Derrick Chua
2009 Susan Benson
2010 Frank Glenfield
2011 Don and Della Greer
2012 Martha Lou Henley
2013Gail Asper
2015-2016Barbara Fingerote

The Stage West - Equity Emerging Theatre Artist Award - honouring professionalism and artistic excellence is presented annually to a theatre performer who has been a member of the Association for less than three years. NOTE: The final Stage West - Equity Emerging Artist Award was presented in 2012.

2002Philip Sarsons
2003Lucia Frangione
2004Michael Scholar Jr.
2005Skye Brandon
2006Carson Nattrass
2007Andrew Kushnir
2008Kawa Ada
2009Donna Soares
2010Bethany Jillard
2011Judy Wensel
2012Mayahuel Tecozautla

The CAEA Award of Distinction


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