Friday, September 21, 2018
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Diversity Committee
Diversity Committee

Committee Members Kirsten Alter
Sedina Fiati, Co-Chair
Deena Aziz
Ian Leung


(i) general linkage to members particularly those from diverse communities (including, but not limited to, diversity of race, religion, sexual orientation, and difference in ability, whether physical or mental), for the purpose of:

  • (a) increasing Council awareness of concerns and issues important to these communities within the membership;
  • (b) making recommendations to Council based on member input on how Equity can better serve/represent its members from diverse communities; and
  • (c) seeking ways to raise awareness in the theatre community (e.g. engagers, and members who are directors) about ways to encourage representative diversity onstage, and in all related hiring within Equity's jurisdiction.
(ii) an annual report to Council on its activities and findings, and any policy recommendations that may flow from them.

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