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How Equity is governed

Governance Policy 8 - Council Committee Structure - identifies the product, authority and reporting dates for any committee of Council.
Read the Council Policies document for more information.

Council Advisory Committees
In the 2012-2015 term of Council Equity changed its advisory structure from a habitual roster of regional committees, to a flexible slate of issue- or action-based advisories. These Committees are struck as needed throughout the term, and report directly to Council. The advisories can be regional, national, discipline or community-specific, as appropriate for the topic.
Below you will find some basic information on these committees and their council liaisons.

Atlantic Committee:
Robert Seale, advisory liaison

Council Renewal Committee:
Jane Heyman, advisory liaison
The Council Renewal Committee is reponsible for the creation of a comprehensive Council Renewal plan leading up to the 2015 Council elections.

Directors, Choreographers, and Fight Directors (DC & FD) Committee:
Vinetta Strombergs, advisory liaison
The purpose of the DC & FD Committee is to provide general linkage to the membership who work in these disciplines. We hope to develop useful resources to support work opportunities as well as hearing any concerns and issues that may arise in the field and which may require action in future contract negotiations or policy changes in general.

Diversity Committee:
Kimberley Rampersad, advisory liaison
We are at a crisis point because people are leaving Canadian theatre - artists and audiences alike. If successful, this committee will be lending its support to building audiences, communities and stories by contributing to the practice of DIVERSITY throughout our industry.

Honours Committee:
Kerry Davidson, advisory liaison
The Honours Committee selects honourees for the Larry McCance Award, Honorary Membership and Life Membership awarded annually. The CAEA Award of Distinction recipient is also selected by this Committee.

Equity Independent and Small-Scale Theatre Resource Committee:
Mark Brownell, advisory liaison

Member Communications and Education Committee:
Aaron Willis, advisory liaison
The purpose of the Communications and Member Education committee is help ensure that the flow of information from the Association to the membership and vice versa is clear, unimpeded, and easy to understand. The committee welcomes any and all feedback from members with regard to their experiences communicating with Equity on any topic.

Ontario Caucus:
Mark Brownell, advisory liaison

Opera Committee:
Wade Nott, advisory liaison
The Opera Advisory Committee's mission is to create discussion and heighten Council's awareness of the Association�s members working in our discipline.

Safe and Respectful Workplaces Task Force:
Allan Teichman, advisory liaison

Stage Management Committee:
Allan Teichman, advisory liaison
The SM Committee has been serving members working in stage management since the early nineties. Through regularly reaching out to our constituency, we have ensured that Council policy and Equity's various agreements continue to reflect the needs of stage managers working in all disciplines. We have also developed a range of resource material for both new and experienced stage managers. Our new initiative - a slate of advisors to assist SM apprentices - is now up and running. If we can be of assistance, please let us know.

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