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What we do
What we do
Canadian Actors' Equity Association represents 6000 active professional artists, including performers (actors, singers, dancers), directors, choreographers, fight directors and stage managers, engaged in theatre, opera and dance in English Canada.

Equity negotiates and administers scale agreements and policies on behalf of its membership. Every Equity member's engagement is governed by the terms of a specific form of contract. Both scale agreements (negotiated by Equity with a producer or group of producers) and Equity's policies articulate the minimum terms and working conditions required for the engagement of an Equity member.

Who is working for you?
Equity has two offices a National Office in Toronto, Ontario with a staff of 20, and a Western Office in Vancouver, British Columbia with a staff of three.

The National office oversees issues which affect the entire Equity membership and co-ordinates interaction with national and international cultural, labour and funding organizations. The membership, benefits, bonding and accounts receivable departments are located in this office. The national office also deals with day-to-day matters in Eastern Canada, generally from Saskatchewan to the Atlantic region.

The Western office deals with the day-to-day matters in Western Canada, including Alberta, British Columbia, the Northwest Territories and the Yukon.

At the head of the Association is the Executive Director. The Executive Director is hired by Council and is responsible for staff operations. He/she acts as Equity's liaison with other arts and cultural organizations, both national and international in scope.

Our Controller manages the financial department of the Association. This department helps to set the yearly budget; it administers the members' RRSP and insurance coverage as well as other financial aspects of the contracts, including membership and bonding.

Administration and enforcement of the Equity's agreements and policies is the responsibility of the Business Representatives. The Business Reps are responsible for answering questions regarding the interpretation of Equity's agreements and policies and for representing members concerns with engagers. They ensure that the minimum terms of each member's contract meets the requirements of the specific agreement in force.

The Communications Department is responsible for publishing Equity's newsletter, e-drive postings, EQUITYONLINE as well as being the source of information on issues of interest to the Equity membership.

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